review to future

Violet: „Are you telling me a nice story dragon?“
The dragon smiles and begins, „When the little dragon decided to leave …!
Violet grimaces: „Stop it, I said a nice story, not a sad one!“
„How can you know she’s sad if you do not listen?“ The dragon asks.
„If you go that’s sad!“ protests Violet.
„But not if I go away somewhere to come to you, right?“
Violet beams: „Oh sooo!“
„So!“ The dragon starts again:

„When the little dragon decided to leave, he grabbed the things he needed. Paper and pen and the rest was in his head or heart anyway. He took a big step from chapter 12 „December“ on epilogue and hopped over the cover to freedom. He breathed the fresh air. For the first time in 12 months the long year had lasted. All the words, the songs, the pictures he had left in that dusty sides, were so powerful and greedy they barely allowed the little dragon to breathe. Even the beautiful words like love, warmth, trust and tenderness always wanted more space to underline their truth. They needed to become bigger and bigger, because they knew that they were only words, an d have to fight for their existance against actions
Enough of the words guarded in this book, dicides the dragon. Now it is time to place the words out here. He looked around curiously. Down there on the beach he discovers a little girl in a purple dress and runs happily towards her! „


The little dragon runs through the door into the garden.
„Where are you going?“ asks Violet
„I decided to leave, he calls out of the garden. You should hurry, because you should be on the beach sooner then me! “


resolutions for 2018

Thank you all for your online friendships, the wonderful exchange and the endless inspiration of your words. I am not a hero of the words and lend myself now the words of Shoumodip yesterday and complete my thoughts:

“the words are the means that opens up the heart…and helps it to rethink only about the good things and the special persons in our lives… Hopefully thereby taking it away from dark clouds and towards warmth and love…“ and I just want to add: „so do the pictures, the music and all other expression of art“.

a little story from the dragon for a soft start in the year 2018:

It had snowed again and the solid blanket of snow crunched under the heavy footsteps of passers-by. Rike pulled the collar of her anorak over her mouth to protect her face from the cold and extended her hand with the smartphone headphones in the way of the passers-by.

It was New Year’s Eve and people were busy with their holiday errands and overlooked Rike. Without having sold enough headphones, she did not dare to go home and stayed freezing between the townhouses.

As it dawned, the violinist on the other side grabed his things. He wished Rike a nice evening and gave her an old smartphone.

It did not work to make phone calls, but it stored the wonderful songs of the violinist. Songs he had never played before and Rike felt a strange warmth inside.

She sat down and closed her eyes, sinking deeply into the sound of the violin and began to dream. She sang to the wonderful songs and her grandmother smiled at her and offered her hand. The flowers on the summer meadow smelled and Rike was happy.

A bang and Rike startled. Her bones were awfully cold. She counted her scant income and went to the store to warm up a bit. She quickly bought two small speakers from her money and went back to her place in the street. She turned the violinist’s music loud and began to sing. A good start to the new year.


Violet: „Oh how nice! Is it a real story?“

The little dragon smiles: „Are we?“

Violet: „haha, so what next?“

Dragon: „We will continue to do our best next year.“

Violet close her eyes and kisses the dragon: „We will not run out of ideas, happy 2018 my fave!“

Merry Christmas

The year comes to an end and I was not a diligent writer at all. For that I was very busy reading and commenting. Maybe this will turn around in the new year? I dont know.
I would like to thank you for your patience, for your wonderful ideas and inspiring thoughts.
I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and a good start into the new year. I will drive to my parents and be little online, but I hope you all meet again healthy and happy in the new year.

The Sentry

Just Writing!

„What is THAT?“  Zing’s voice trembled. The thing was three times taller than he was. It had two golden eyes that burned into his soul.

„I don’t know, but I think we should bow,“ answered Zang. „You know, show some respect.“

As evening shadows gathered, Zing and Zang gazed up to the face of the thing, wondering what to do next. Without warning, it flared into a globe of light, and a low humming  issued from it.

Zing and Zang trembled. They tried to hide behind each other.

„Wait!“ said Zing.  „Listen!“

„You are doing well. Be careful of humans.“

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Realising Perfection

This is the Story of my blogfriend Penny, which I finished in a personal second part. Here the link to Penny´s story:


“To work with gemstones, you must learn how to dress them.”

Young Jason learned eagerly about cutting, cleaving and polishing.

“You must learn to assess their quality.”

He voyaged to Rotterdam and learned about colour, clarity, and flaws.

“You must learn to buy them.”

Jason toiled across desert and ocean to far-off places of the world; until he found the perfect stone.

He studied it for a month. He worked on it for a year.

Then he placed it in a beam of light and exulted in the many-coloured fire he had kindled in the crystal’s heart of ice…


….It was done! He kept his treasure day and night.
At night he learned to dream of the stone.
In the fire he saw a wonderful woman who spoke to him and soon he did not want to wake up anymore but only dream.

He learned to do everything the wonderful woman said, so that she would finally come out of the stone and become flesh and blood.

But the desire did not come true, his desire grew larger and the image of the woman blurred.

He learned to interpret the blurry pictures and the distorted voice that could be assigned to him until one night he woke up sweat-drenched and threw the stone against the wall.

It burst into 1000 pieces and Jason’s heart seemed to break.
But in each of the 1000 pieces, he continued to see a small fire and so he cut and polished, sorted out shapes and quality and made 1000 small treasures, which he put into rings and carried to the Christmas market.

And there he met her, the wonderful woman of his dreams, who admired his works and they lived happily ever after.

cuddle up

We like to play.

We will always play even when we are grown up.

Because it makes us happy and free.

It’s also healthier to fight, hunt, hide and seek, in the game than in real.

OK. We dispute in real aswell….

But since we really love each other, we take a quick hug and cuddle up.